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Hybrid tracking technology simplifies sanction compliance

Pole Star CEO explains why hybrid vessel-tracking technology makes it easier than ever for companies across the maritime supply chain to keep US regulators at bay while building stronger businesses.
Published  22 June 2020 4:17 GMT
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Pathways to Low-Carbon Shipping: Strategies for shipowners

How will owners achieve the IMO’s ambitious decarbonisation targets? Head of sustainability at ABS weighs in on chief concerns in advance of virtual roundtable with Maran Gas and Sea Traders.
Published  15 June 2020 5:23 GMT
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Dominica flag courts cost-conscious owners

As owners grapple with low freight rates and rising costs some are turning to smaller, more affordable ship registries in a bid to conserve cash and capitalise on coronavirus-inspired discounts.
Published  8 June 2020 2:35 GMT
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BV raises the bar as digital classification comes of age

Covid-19 has put the spotlight on remote surveys. But there’s much more to digital classification and many other technologies that are transforming how Bureau Veritas meets shipping’s changing needs.
Published  1 June 2020 14:33 GMT
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What’s next for tankers in 2020?

In January, the forecast looked promising. Today, the conversation is dominated by Covid-19. So what’s next for the tanker market? Navig8 charts the way forward in an on-demand webinar.
Published  20 May 2020 4:46 GMT
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Championing sustainability in ship recycling

From safety training and guides to advocacy and investments in the R&D of green tech, GMS CEO reflects on his company’s role in shaping a safer, more responsible industry—now and in the future.
Published  23 April 2020 18:19 GMT
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Cybersecurity at the fore as IMO 2021 looms

Greek owners have emerged as early leaders in the race to comply with the IMO’s cyber resilience requirements by way of a class notation from Bureau Veritas, which says others are following suit.
Published  15 April 2020 19:17 GMT
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5 ways the cloud is future-proofing maritime operations

As the maritime industry navigates troubled waters, connectivity and agility are crucial. Industry leaders leverage the cloud to adapt to change and optimise for the future.
Published  2 April 2020 3:43 GMT

Driving business in an era of cancelled conferences

Conferences around the world have been disrupted by the coronavirus. Find out how content marketing can help you drive the business you hoped to get at trade shows and other events in 2020.
Published  19 March 2020 21:10 GMT
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South Korean scrubber startup takes aim at crowded market

As bottlenecks at Chinese yards build, Global Echo mounts expansion campaign on the back of Vitol, Zodiac Maritime and Hyundai Merchant Marine retrofits with EGCS that requires no dry docking.
Published  18 February 2020 8:58 GMT
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Content Marketing: A primer for maritime marketers

Learn how to engage and delight your existing customers—and pique the interest of new ones—by producing content that educates and entertains.
Published  7 February 2020 18:02 GMT
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Zeroing in on zero-carbon possibilities

Industry collaboration required to develop, de-risk, scale and commercialise zero-emission vessels.
Published  7 January 2020 16:04 GMT