With new IMO requirements concerning the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulations entering into force on January 1, 2023, shipowners face the daunting task of ensuring their vessels’ compliance. To aid them in this challenge, Bureau Veritas introduced a free online platform in 2021, VeriSTAR Green. Enabling all shipowners to assess their fleets’ EEXI and CII compliance, the platform has recently been updated to reflect the latest IMO requirements. VeriSTAR Green grants users access to technical expertise intended to improve ships’ performance while ensuring compliance.

The maritime industry is in transition, with quickly evolving ambitions to meet self-imposed regulatory objectives such as those regarding the EEXI and the CII. Bureau Veritas has led recent webinars that examine the details of these rules and advise on how to comply with the latest IMO updates.

The VeriSTAR Green digital platform promotes both compliance and performance. It is supported by Bureau Veritas classification services and with technical consultancy and performance expertise from BV Solutions M&O.

By accessing VeriSTAR Green, shipowners can check a vessel’s required EEXI and request either verification or technical advisory support from BV Solutions M&O. Additionally, they can calculate the attained EEXI for each ship type according to MEPC 77 outcomes. Clients with a Data Collection System (DCS) or Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) contract with Bureau Veritas can also use this platform to report their fuel consumption data and request verification.

New functionality

The tool also offers support on the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), an operating index that complements the range of short-term IMO measures. The CII is based on fuel consumption data over a one-year period. With VeriSTAR Green, users can upload their data and calculate their CII to determine their rating and associated compliance. These features were released in early November 2021, and they have been updated to reflect the current state of CII Guidelines as determined by IMO at MEPC 77. The final CII measure should be approved at MEPC 78 in June 2022.

VeriSTAR Green

“We created this free tool for shipowners to calculate their attained EEXI value easily and accurately. An owner can input their ship data, and VeriSTAR Green will calculate their EEXI, compare it to the required EEXI, and determine their compliance with new emissions standards.”

- Benjamin Lechaptois - Sustainability Strategy Leader, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

It is vital that shipowners determine and optimise their vessels’ carbon intensity profiles and update their Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) by the end of 2022. VeriSTAR Green is the ideal helping hand to meet this deadline.

In February, VeriSTAR Green is enhancing the user experience with an improved design and optimised fuel consumption data reporting for both MRV and DCS contracts. The platform will continue to grow in the coming months to include additional functionalities linked to IMO and regional regulations such as the EU Fit for 55 package.

Beyond compliance to performance

BV Solutions M&O technical experts help improve vessel design and operating profiles to achieve both compliance and efficiency. The VeriSTAR Green interface provides an easy way to contact Bureau Veritas’ technical experts and request quotes.

For further information on the evolving environmental regulatory landscape, check out Bureau Veritas’ latest webinar and white paper or listen to its Trustmakers Talk podcast episode MEPC 77: BV Key takeaways.