Monaco’s C Transport Maritime (CTM) has revealed strong results for its supramax pool over the past six months.

Returns from the revenue-sharing agreement (RSA) have averaged 14% above the sector’s benchmark index since last November.

The results were announced at the pool’s first physical meeting since 2019 following a gap enforced by the pandemic.

The 15 RSA members controlling more than 50 vessels were hosted at Rome’s historic Palazzo Colonna by Italian shipowner d’Amico Group and shipping association Confitarma. D’Amico has four ships in the pool.

CTM, led by John Michael Radziwill, described the setting as appropriate for “a little renaissance of our own as we get back to business as usual”.

“We were all very happy to get back together and share our opinions and views on the market. It’s been a challenging start to the year with some unexpected curve balls being thrown which impacted the market in their own way,” CTM said.

The shipowner cited unpredictable supply shocks, the Indonesian ban on coal exports in January and the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“Despite these significant hurdles, the supramax RSA still managed to outperform the benchmark index by over 7% during the January-April period,” it added.

“We could not have achieved these results without the trust of our members and the knowledge sharing that takes place inside the RSA. This we all benefit from, and our bi-annual supramax RSA meetings help to reinforce the value we place in open and honest communication with our members.”

Pool members are expecting the supramax market to be well supported in the coming months thanks to limited fleet growth.

The group is also experiencing strong demand for minor bulk cargoes.

“We will continue to work together as we seek to maximise returns and outperform the market,” CTM said.