South Korean logistics giant Hyundai Glovis has come up with a series of measures to prevent fires on car carriers from spreading.

The move comes after the industry has been hit by a series of fires on car carriers that have cost insurers over $1bn.

In the most recent fire a blaze on Mitsui OSK Lines’ 6,400-ceu car carrier Felicity Ace (built 2005) caused it to sink in the Atlantic along with a $300m cargo of luxury cars.

The new measures at Hyundai Glovis are set to be introduced to all of its 90 ships by the end of this year.

The new fire response system includes a fire cover and a water mist lance which will be used to quickly respond to and suppress fires.

The equipment is suitable for use on electrical or petrol cars. The fire blanket helps stop a fire from spreading by preventing oxygen flow and containing heat and smoke. The mist lance can access the internal areas of the car to quickly put out a fire.

The company is also introducing an upgraded fire prevention management system. This will include the installation of heat and smoke detectors in the cargo hold and introducing periodic temperature checks.

Electrical cars will also be kept separately from conventional internal combustion engine cars in the lower levels of the ship.

Leading transporter

Hyundai Glovis is a leading transporter of electrical vehicles which have been identified as bringing an additional fire hazard to car transportation.

Last year, it transported about 250,000 electric vehicles accounting for 45% of the global market and recently signed a major deal with Tesla.

The company said: “We have established a system to understand the changing trend of the automobile industry and to preemptively meet the needs of shippers.”