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E-fuels for future ocean shipping

Bureau Veritas is developing the understanding required, and classification rules, to be ready for the future fuel landscape.
Published  9 June 2021 20:43 GMT

LISCR pilots owners’ decarbonisation journey

From burgeoning emissions trading schemes to alternative fuels, the flag is well placed to back shipowners as they chart their course towards a greener future, management says.
Published  28 May 2021 0:21 GMT
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ClassNK: Autonomous ships to arrive in stages

Opinions differ on the extent of the industry’s appetite for fully autonomous ships but component technologies are rapidly moving out of trial phases into mainstream shipping operations.
Published  26 May 2021 20:05 GMT
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OCEAN NOW: Reuniting the industry

Looking forward to seeing people again? Nor-Shipping 2022 provides the first opportunity for the global industry to gather post-pandemic. And, while we wait, it’s time for Ocean Now...
Published  10 May 2021 15:20 GMT
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Is it safe to take a cruise?

New Biorisk notations from Bureau Veritas provide seafarers, passengers, shipowners, shipmanagers, and other stakeholders with much needed piece of mind in a post-pandemic world.
Published  5 May 2021 0:45 GMT
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Is the second wave of scrubber orders underway?

While 2020 was a challenging year for exhaust gas cleaning systems for ships, demand for scrubbers appears to be on the rise as fuel spreads widen.
Published  16 April 2021 5:36 GMT
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Innovation Endorsement

ClassNK accelerates the industry’s digital transformation with its new certification framework.
Published  29 March 2021 20:50 GMT
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Solving the voyage cost puzzle

Inchcape is adding a super-useful Port Cost Estimator (PCE) to its World of Ports 2.0 platform that will make both voyage cost calculations and TCE estimates much easier and more accurate.
Published  19 March 2021 17:06 GMT
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Extend your crews’ senses with automation

Digital eyes that make navigation safer and more efficient even in the most challenging waters where human senses end and the GNSS fails.
Published  18 March 2021 13:58 GMT
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4 ways maritime organisations can drive sustainability

Through working with hundreds of diverse maritime organisations on the digital technologies that drive their business, we have compiled a list of practical steps to progress your sustainability goals.
Published  8 March 2021 17:14 GMT
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Hybrid tracking technology simplifies sanction compliance

Pole Star CEO explains why hybrid vessel-tracking technology makes it easier than ever for companies across the maritime supply chain to keep US regulators at bay while building stronger businesses.
Published  22 June 2020 4:17 GMT
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Pathways to Low-Carbon Shipping: Strategies for shipowners

How will owners achieve the IMO’s ambitious decarbonisation targets? Head of sustainability at ABS weighs in on chief concerns in advance of virtual roundtable with Maran Gas and Sea Traders.
Published  15 June 2020 5:23 GMT
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Dominica flag courts cost-conscious owners

As owners grapple with low freight rates and rising costs some are turning to smaller, more affordable ship registries in a bid to conserve cash and capitalise on coronavirus-inspired discounts.
Published  8 June 2020 2:35 GMT