Hyundai Heavy Industries will collaborate with engine maker WinGD in delivering an engine capable of running on ammonia by 2025.

HHI’s Engine & Machinery Division (EMD) signed a memorandum of understanding with WinGD at Posidonia in Athens last week to explore ammonia concepts for diesel-fuelled WinGD X-type engines and dual-fuel LNG X-DF engines.

WinGD said the aim to deliver a first engine by 2025 is in line with its previously announced time frame for bringing ammonia engines to market.

Dominik Schneiter, vice president, R&D for the Swiss engine maker, said the collaboration will give the partners “an important advantage in the development of ammonia-fuelled marine engines”.

Interest in ammonia as a hydrogen-derived marine fuel with zero emissions when produced using renewable electricity is growing.

EMD president and chief operating officer Kwang-Hean An said: “There is strong market demand for commercialised ammonia-powered vessels in the near future.

“This collaboration with WinGD will ensure that EMD is ready to support that demand with the required engine technologies.”

The project will include developing safety, emissions abatement and fuel supply solutions for ammonia engines, targeting local markets.

Schneiter said the partnership will set a path for two-stroke engine technologies applicable to a wide range of cargo vessels in the coming decades.