Denmark's Danske Bank has blamed certain shipping clients for a rise in loan impairments.

Charges in the second quarter hit DKK 113m ($17m), from a reversal of DKK 377m in the same three months of 2018.

They were driven mainly by increased impairments against a few single-name exposures in the shipping, oil and gas and retail industries.

Credit quality remained solid, supported by stable macroeconomic conditions and higher collateral values in most markets, it said.

Total net non-performing loans (NPL) increased DKK 1.7bn from the end of 2018, again due to shipping and oil and gas.

"While the credit quality of the overall Corporates & Institutions portfolio is stable, we continue to see restructuring in the shipping and oil and gas industries and pressure on the retailing industry, resulting in the charges mentioned above," it added.

It said the shipping, oil and gas book had DKK 41.2bn of loans at stage 1, the lowest level of impairment, plus DKK 11.8bn at stage 2 and DKK 10.4bn at stage 3, the highest level.

Net interest income was DKK 5.37bn, against DKK 5.87bn a year ago.

Net profit was DKK 4.03bn compared to DKK 4.31bn.