A floating storage and regasification unit based in Bangladesh is to be sent to a repair yard for work after being damaged during a cyclone.

According to Reuters operator Summit LNG, the 138,000-cbm FSRU Summit LNG (built 2006) is to be sent to a yard in Singapore or the Middle East for repairs after it has discharged the LNG it had on board.

The Moheshkhali-based vessel was damaged during Cyclone Remal, which hit Bangladesh and India at the end of May.

During the storm, the 500m standard cubic feet per day FSRU, operational in Bangladesh since April 2019, was struck by a steel pontoon, causing “significant damage”, according to Summit LNG.

“The impact sheared the vessel’s outer hull, approximately one metre below the waterline, leading to water ingress into the ballast tanks,” Summit LNG said.

Operations on board the FSRU were halted on 27 May.

Summit LNG said it hopes the unit can return after three weeks.

The Summit LNG is one of two Excelerate Energy-owned FSRUs that work as floating LNG import terminals that supply gas to the national grid.

The other is the 138,000-cbm Excellence (built 2005), which is also based at Moheshkhali.

Bangladesh imported 5.2m tonnes of LNG in 2023, up 17.3% on the previous year, according to LNG importers association GIIGNL.