US-listed floating regasification specialist Excelerate Energy slimmed its emissions on nine of its floating storage and regasification vessels in 2022, according to a first environmental social and governance report produced by the company.

In a first for the company and what it described as an “important milestone Excelerate published its “2022 Sustainability Report which it entitled “Energizing Today, Empowering Tomorrow.”

This details that the company cut its Scope 1 emissions from 632,413 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2021 to 567,125 tCO2e in 2022.

The company also cut its Scope 2 emissions from 326 tCO2e in 2021 to 269 tCO2e last year.

Excelerate, which has a lone FSRU newbuilding on order, said it is taking steps to manage its carbon footprint without giving any details about how it has made its emission reductions or setting any specific targets for further reductions.

The company highlighted: “Our onboard emissions are largely a function of the amount of gas that our customers request.”

Excelerate explained that some of its FSRUs use boilers and steam turbines for onboard power generation, while its dual-fuel diesel-electric ships utilise generator sets. “In general, most of our vessels utilize natural gas as the fuel for power generation,” the company said.

“While LNG is a cleaner burning fuel than diesel in terms of its CO2 impact, we continue to explore ways to reduce that impact even further.”

In its report, Excelerate also gave details of its 890-strong workforce and said it is “committed to increasing representation of women at all levels” in the company.

It said the company is recruiting and retaining more female seafarers to work at our terminal in Bangladesh and has several female members in senior roles onboard its FSRUs.

Of the company’s senior management, 30% are female and 70% male, with the C-suite roles being split 50-50.

Introducing the report Excelerate president and chief executive Steven Kobos said: “As the past year has shown, having flexible access to cleaner and more reliable energy has never been more critical. In locations where energy supplies have been disrupted due to severe weather, war, or supply chain challenges, LNG provides a secure and reliable energy source.”

It’s an exciting time for our company,” Kobos said. “We’ve experienced robust growth in recent years and are looking forward to expanding our positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact alongside that growth.”