NYK Line has added an order for one more 86,700-cbm LPG/liquified ammonia carrier at Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) in Japan.

The order is the seventh in a series of VLGCs that NYK Line is building at KHI’s Sakaide shipyard, five of which are capable of carrying both LPG and ammonia.

NYK said the design gives the ship the “flexibility to respond to various trade patterns”.

Deliveries will run to 2026 with the latest order.

The vessel has an LPG dual-fuel engine and can generate electrical power during the voyage by using the rotation of the shaft that connects the main engine to the propeller.

The diesel generator can also be stopped and the ship run entirely on LPG fuel, with the exception of a small amount of pilot fuel.

As a result, carbon emissions can be reduced by 20% and SOx emissions by 90% compared with a ship using conventional marine fuel. NYK’s VLGC design meets the International Maritime Organization’s latest Energy Efficiency Design Index Phase 3 standards.

The ship has also been designed to run on ammonia in the future.