Braemar ACM Shipbroking has hired three staffers to strengthen its vegoils and renewable fuels presence in an effort to expand its non-fossil fuel business.

Chris Flenner and Garrett Lange, industry veterans who have worked for rival brokerage Simpson Spence Young over the past five years, are joining Braemar ACM’s specialised tankers desk in Houston on Wednesday.

Michael Harman, an operator with companies such as Stolt Tankers and Navig8 Group for more than 20 years, is joining the department on the operations side.

“We are thrilled that Chris, Garrett and Michael decided to join with us. They bring enormous expertise and knowledge of the global and Americas vegoil, bio and chemical markets,” head of specialised tankers Paul Osgood said in an emailed statement.

“We are in a strong growth phase and they add further reach, depth and bring fresh perspectives to our clients in this quickly evolving market.”

Flenner and Lange said: “Our many years of experience in the vegoil and renewables markets will complement very nicely with the customer base and platform already established at Braemar.

“We look forward to continuing to expand Braemar's depth and bring fresh perspectives and unlock potential for our clients in this quickly evolving market.”

Braemar ACM, a London-based brokerage with offices across the globe, said the two brokers have decades of experience in the global bulk shipment of feedstocks for renewable fuels.

“With the current drive towards decarbonisation and sustainability these products are increasingly in demand as the mainstream oil companies and traders shift away from fossil fuels and increase bio shipments,” the company statement said.

“These cargoes lift on ships that swing between bulk chemicals and CPP [clean petroleum products] and, via our specialised tankers desk, complement our clean tankers, projects, US flag & barges and research desks and join up a vital link for us and our clients.”

Earlier this year, Braemar ACM launched a carbon offsetting service amid industry-wide efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport.

Braemar Shipping Services, which owns Braemar ACM, has stated the company looks to expand globally — with Asia being a key focus.

“I’m really pleased how it’s all fitting in place between our four specialised desks in Houston, London, Dubai and Singapore,” Braemar Shipping chief executive James Gundy said.

“In line with the company’s growth focus East, we can now turn our attention to bolstering Singapore.”