Three of Italy’s leading maritime industrial giants are to combine their net-zero efforts as part of a fresh decarbonisation drive.

Shipbuilder Fincantieri has signed an agreement with energy company Eni and class society RINA to jointly develop initiatives for the energy transition.

The partners pledge to work together on medium to long-term projects to ensure the maritime sector reaches net zero by 2050.

The alliance will help to “materialise existing solutions and to pave the way for the future with a proactive ecosystem approach”, Fincantieri chief executive Pierroberto Folgiero said.

“New technologies must be industrialised on board ships, just as new fuels must be produced and distributed at the dock,” he said.


The all-Italian trio will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the most sustainable alternatives to support the maritime decarbonisation pathway.

“We are highly committed to supporting our clients in addressing the industrial challenges of the maritime energy transition,” RINA chief executive Carlo Luzzatto said.

“Together, we have the opportunity to share knowledge and experience and to contribute to more sustainable solutions that support the shipping supply chain,” the head of the Genoa-based inspection, certification and engineering society said.

RINA would “bring to the partnership its engineering and technological skills, developed across various sectors, to support shipping in its journey towards reducing its carbon footprint, without excluding any energy options”, Luzzatto said.

Giuseppe Ricci, chief operating officer for energy evolution at Rome-based Eni said it is important to develop partnerships to create more sustainable solution.

“The ability to network among the partners, with their wealth of skills and technological capabilities, can make a significant contribution to finding more effective solutions for decarbonising maritime transport and meeting the needs of shipowners and logistics operators, always leveraging a holistic approach,” he said.