Industry group Women in Green Shipping, or WiGs as it is becoming widely and affectionately known, is gearing up to grow its presence and offer a forum for those working in the maritime sector with a focus on decarbonisation.

In a kick-off meeting in London this month, hosted by the Society of Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) — the founder of the group — WiGS members outlined their targets for 2024 and objectives for the refocused organisation.

WiGs plans to set up a core group and grow its presence with another upcoming digital and physical events in the first half of this year.

Expect to see the group’s name popping up at shows and events as it moves to fix mini WiGS gatherings of breakfast and coffee meetings where women in the sector can meet up.

The group, which wants to focus on how it can support the existing and next generation of women coming into the industry across the different disciplines, also wants to create a mentor and a knowledge bank to enable members to increase and improve their skillsets.

WiGS is keen to engage and collaborate with other similarly-focused networks as it explores how best to grow its regional network in the UK and globally.

The group, which was originally founded prior to the pandemic in 2019 as Women in Gas Shipping and is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, currently has 70 members profiled, 12 members of which were added in the past year.

A database of speakers has also been developed.

Anyone interested in getting involved and joining WiGS — membership is free — is urged to sign up via the group’s LinkedIn page.

“Women bring unique perspectives, skills and experiences that help drive innovation and improve sustainability in the shipping industry,” the group said.

“By empowering women in the shipping industry, we are not only promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace, but we are also tapping into a valuable resource that can help shape the future of maritime.

“WiGS is built on passion and a belief that maritime sector will only benefit for the better with more women in diverse roles across the sector.”