Berge Bulk has added rotor sails to one of its Valemax vessels.

It marks the installation of a second wind propulsion system on one of the Singapore-based shipowner’s vessels.

The latest units have been installed on the 388,000-dwt Berge Neblina (built 2013).

The four Flettner rotors have been designed by UK/Greek cleantech firm Anemoi.

The rotor sails work through the generation of thrust when wind passes by the motorised spinning cylinders, a principle known as the Magnus effect.

In an interview with TradeWinds in 2022 Berge Bulk technology director Paolo Tonon said a second vessel will also have the rotor sails installed, the 210,000-dwt Berge Mulhacen (built 2017).

Last year, Berge Bulk completed the installation of four retractable wing sails, made by UK-based BAR Technologies, on board the 211,153-dwt Berge Olympus (built 2018). Berge Bulk has an equity stake in Bar Technologies.

It will also install a giant kite system on another vessel as it continues its investigation into the use of wind propulsion systems across its fleet as it tries to reduce CO2 emissions in the face of international regulations.

Berge Bulk is also exploring the use of solar panels, air lubrication and shaft generators on board its vessels. The shaft generators will be able to take power off the propeller shaft and direct it towards energy-saving technologies such as the Flettner rotors and air lubrication systems that need power to operate.

The shipowner has also ordered a pair of ammonia dual-fuelled bulkers for delivery in 2027.

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