Soren Meyer’s 30-year career in shipping culminated in the setting up of leading optimisation platform ZeroNorth.

He became chief executive of the Copenhagen-based maritime technology company in 2020, when it was spun out of Maersk Tankers.

Now backed by heavyweights AP Moller Holding, Cargill and PSG Equity, Meyer’s mission is to make global trade green.

Green Power: Driving the transition
This article is part of the Green Power edition of the TW+ magazine, which shines a spotlight on the leaders, innovators and advocates shaping a greener future for the maritime sector.

“We’re working hard in the busy arenas of digitalisation and decarbonisation to make a real difference, but also to ensure that shipping and its associated sectors operate optimally and profitability while doing so,” says the Dane, who was chief executive of digital business at Maersk Tankers.

“Innovation is at the core of what we do. Our technologies span the full value chain, covering vessels and what they carry, the bunker fuels they burn, the routes they take, the weather they experience, the data gathered onboard, the reporting needed by counterparties and more. We need to have a wide offering because the challenges within the market are vast.”

Meyer has a bunkering background and was until 2015 vice president at OW Bunker & Trading.

Organic growth and bolt-on acquisitions have propelled ZeroNorth to the forefront of optimisation under his leadership, including a combination process with Rajesh Unni’s Alpha Ori Technologies.

The idea is to harness the power of data to drive efficiency and cut CO2 emissions.

Meyer has helped cultivate one of the industry’s largest data ecosystems.

Soren Meyer still has big plans for ZeroNorth. Photo: ZeroNorth

The company believes that by acting as a “single source of truth”, users can gain greater visibility and alignment on vessel goals and activities.

And Meyer still has plenty of ambitions for the future. ZeroNorth plans continued innovation for its platform, expanding its bunker and chartering services, adding clients and agreeing more strategic partnerships to build scale.

Meyer says more mergers and acquisitions are also on the cards. The list of deals is already lengthy after marine fuel supply software company BTS was bought, as well as Prosmar Bunkering and bunkering optimisation outfit ClearLynx.

Meyer is proud of the impact ZeroNorth has had so far.

“We’ve been able to help our customers to collectively cut their emissions by more than 1m tonnes over the last two years,” he tells TW+.

“This achievement is a perfect example of the continuing and significant transformation that we want to realise for the global trade value chain, as we help our customers to realise that profit and planet can go hand in hand.”

The status quo in shipping, and the way people work in the industry, are transforming as technology matures and more data becomes available to tackle challenges, he says.

“The reality is that optimisation and efficiencies will contribute up to 20% of the overall reductions needed for the industry to reach net zero.”

The innovator believes that with the right data-driven solutions, shipping can become even more efficient: “We can break down the data silos, standardise data and unite teams behind a shared data vision in order to make smarter decisions that maximise performance.”

Fleet deals have already been signed with X-Press Feeders, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus Commodities and Vitol, growing its business by 300%. Offices have been opened in Athens, Singapore and New York.