Nuclear shipping stakeholders have formed a new association that aims to assist nuclear and maritime regulators in the development of appropriate standards and rules for the deployment, operation and decommissioning of floating nuclear power.

Headquartered in London, Nuclear Energy Maritime Organization’s (NEMO) membership is open to companies with a “bona-fide link to the floating nuclear power segment” and who meet the organisation’s membership criteria, which includes “a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence”.

Founding members are classification societies Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas and RINA; nuclear shipping start-up Core Power, shipbuilders HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering, Onomichi Dockyard and Vard; and nuclear technology sector companies BWXT Advanced Technologies, TerraPower, Westinghouse Electric and JEIL Partners.

Leading NEMO as its inaugural chairman is Dr Mamdouh El-Shanawany, former head of the IAEA Safety Assessment Section and global nuclear director at Lloyd’s Register.

“We are very excited to launch NEMO, which we believe will be a valuable and influential voice for floating nuclear power. We invite all stakeholders who share our vision and values to join us and become part of this dynamic and forward-looking alliance,” he said.

NEMO will “provide expert guidance and promote the highest safety, security, and environmental standards in the development of this nascent industrial sector, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing and advocacy among its members and stakeholders”, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

NEMO’s founding members argue that advanced nuclear technologies deployed at sea can reduce environmental impact, enhance social responsibility and increase economic competitiveness.

The organisation says NEMO will “provide a platform for its members to network and facilitate a functional connection between regulators to foster development and exchange best practices”.

The organisation plans to hold regular events, workshops, webinars and publications for its members and the wider public. It also intends to collaborate with other industry associations, government bodies, academic institutions and civil society organisations to advance the cause of floating nuclear power.

NEMO will officially start its proceedings in the second quarter of this year.