Norwegian shipowner Mosvolds Rederi’s boss Peder Nicolai Jarlsby has finally landed the prize he covets above all others (possibly).

The former shipping analyst has been crowned manager of the year in shipping’s football fantasy league.

Organised by Vivek Srivastava, an economist at Pacific Basin, this was the biggest competition to date, with the most prize money yet, bringing together 85 owners, analysts, bankers and more.

This was up from 68 entrants last year.

The prize pot also topped the previous high of £680 ($870).

Jarlsby, an ex-Fearnley Securities analyst, described as the “all-round altar boy” of alternative fuels by Srivastava, finished with 2,532 points.

This is an astonishing average of almost 67 points per game week, based on results in the English Premier League.

This put him at number 36,150 in a game with 10.9m players, or in the top 0.33%.

“And he achieved this without sharing a desk any more with his former mentor at Fearnley Securities, Espen Landmark Fjermestad, now CEO at Standard Supply,” Srivastava added.

“Espen used to be the Batman, winning the league in 2018/2019, to Peder’s Robin, picking up an occasional manager of the month,” Srivastava said.

But following April’s manager of the month title, which propelled him to the top of the table, the pupil has truly emerged from the shadow of the master, he added.

Eitzen Group exec wins in May

“When he won manager of the month in April, I composed a very long and laboured ammonia pun in his honour, to which he protested ‘ammonia is only about 15% of what we do’,” Srivastava revealed.

“Well, I hope the propulsion system you are hawking these days burns your heavily diluted ammonia solution as brightly as your Fantasy Premier League fortunes. Your prize money, which might buy a handful of EUAs this time, is on its way.”

NRP’s “prodigal son of project finance”, Mats Olimb, came third overall, with World Fuels’ “blazing beacon of the black stuff”, Mark Smith, second.

Camillo Eitzen & Co partner and “cheerleader of cheap Japanese lease financing” Nicolai Eitzen scooped manager of the month for May.

There were only three game weeks left to play in May, but the middle one was a massive double, with Eitzen banking points from Manchester City’s goalscoring defender Josko Gvardiol.

“Hopefully Nicolai’s prize money will mean his next client can have a small discount on his massive arrangement fee to offset it,” Srivastava wrote.