A Turkish bulker captain has been rescued after three days in the sea following a fall overboard off Bali.

Erhan Seckal clung to a piece of wood after being lost from Zodiac Maritime’s 178,000-dwt capesize Quorn (built 2010).

The Yeni Safak daily said the master disappeared on 2 May while the vessel was en route to Vietnam.

No trace was found of him on board or in the sea, but he was discovered alive by fishermen on 5 May.

Seckal reported not remembering the fall but does recall coming to in the water and trying to find something to hold on to.

He emerged from his terrifying ordeal with nothing worse than sunburn.

The captain was treated in hospital, but his general condition was said to be good.

A search and rescue crew had sprung into action when Seckal was reported missing.

Relatives of the missing officer asked for help from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to restart the search after he was not found initially.

They also publicised his case on social media.

Turkey’s General Directorate of Maritime Affairs: “It was noticed that the captain of the Liberia-flagged ship Quorn, Erhan Seckal, was not on board at noon on 2 May while cruising approximately 30 miles north of Bali Island.

“While the search activities by the Indonesian RCC and the ship were inconclusive, it was learned that Seckal, who was found at sea, is in good condition. We wish our sailor a speedy recovery. Thank you!”