Video footage shot from a Turkish dock shows an Egyptian-controlled multipurpose developing a severe list in a matter of seconds.

The 4,300-dwt Togo-flagged ship Sea Eagle (built 1984) capsized and later settled on the bottom at Iskenderun on 17 September.

The film gives no clue as to the cause of the sudden accident.

Dockers are seen watching the vessel as a crane lifts a Lynn container from the deck.

Then shouts of alarm start to be heard as another crane removes a TDS box.

The workers run back from the ship as it starts to tilt away from the quayside.

The vessel topples over about 45 degrees as the crane struggles and finally succeeds in moving the container free.

Some dockers have their hands on their heads as others film the vessel on phones.

The Sea Eagle had begun to take on water for unknown reasons, domestic media reported.

Seafarers safely evacuated

The crew members on board were evacuated.

Other video footage showed at least 12 boxes floating in the water, with others buckled on board as stacks collapsed.

Salvage efforts began to retrieve the boxes while authorities investigated the cause.

The Turkish transport ministry said the ship had rolled after several attempts to stabilise it failed.

The Sea Eagle had left Mersin in Turkey on 16 September.

The former Stella di Mare has had no port state control detentions since 2019, when it was held in Iran for 28 days.

The most recent inspection in Tripoli, Lebanon, earlier this month showed four deficiencies.

Hours of rest entries questioned

These related to incorrect entries for hours of rest for crew members and watchkeeping schedules not properly filled in.

Operator Sea Scanner Logistics of Egypt has not responded to TradeWinds’ request for further information.

The company controls four other elderly MPPs, one of which is listed by UK shipbroker Clarksons as being under repair.

Insurance cover for the ship is unclear.

VesselsValue assesses the Sea Eagle as worth $3.75m.