CMA CGM hopes to cut bunker usage by up to 7% in Singapore using a new digital system for just-in-time arrivals

It has teamed up with terminal operator PSA Corp to develop sustainable solutions relating to its port and terminal handling activities in Singapore, through the joint venture partnership in CMA CGM-PSA Lion Terminal (CPLT).

CMA-CGM will adopt PSA’s Opt-E-Arrive digital solution to reduce carbon emissions by optimising bunker consumption.

The technology will enable its vessels to arrive just-in-time at the berth at CPLT, skipping the need for a stop at the anchorage.

It is said to “synchronise real-time activities and automate data exchange” between the two companies, enabling CMA CGM vessels to optimise speed for a timely arrival at the berth.

Annualised bunker savings of 4% to 7% for CMA CGM vessels arriving in Singapore are expected, PSA Corp said.

This is the latest initiative between CMA CGM and PSA Corp to decarbonise shipping through the CPLT partnership.

In February this year, CMA CGM launched biofuel bunkering at CPLT as part of its global trial to scale up the wider adoption of clean energy.

In March 2021, CPLT hosted Asia’s first ship-to-container ship LNG bunkering in Singapore by CMA CGM, paving the way for the liner giant’s LNG-powered vessels to bunker during container operations in the Port of Singapore, reducing transit times and their stay in the port.

“As we advance in our energy transition to be a net-zero carbon company by 2050, we shall continue to pursue energy efficiency; optimise network; design container ships to progressively operate with zero-carbon energy; and develop a supply chain for new zero-carbon energies,” said Laurent Olmeta, chief executive of CMA CGM Asia Pacific.

Ong Kim Pong, regional chief executive South East Asia, PSA International, said: “PSA aims to create an Internet of Logistics through building a connected system of nodes and platforms together with our customers and partners.

“With greater visibility, closer cooperation and enhanced cargo flow with digital solutions, we can move the world together sustainably, and with greater agility and efficiency.”